Livelihood Law, LLC is dedicated to the advancement of employee rights and workplace fairness.  We know that employers fail to abide by laws designed to protect employees, and that employees often don’t know what their rights are. Livelihood Law helps those workers fight back.

About The Firm

Livelihood Law, LLC is a firm dedicated to the advancement of employee rights and workplace fairness. We know that our client’s livelihood is the means by which they secure the necessities of life for themselves and their families. All too often employers threaten that livelihood by failing to provide fair and equitable workplaces. Livelihood Law, LLC helps workers fight back.

We provide counseling, representation, and advocacy services in all aspects of Labor and Employment Law including employment discrimination, harassment, retaliation, contract or commission disputes, wrongful termination, and unemployment benefits hearings. We solely represent employees, and routinely appear before the Equal Opportunity Commission, the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, and Colorado state and federal courts on behalf of our clients.

Mission and Philosophy

At Livelihood Law, LLC, we envision a world where workers can pursue their work ambitions, earn a living, and thrive without fear discrimination, retaliation, or unlawful treatment. Accordingly, the primary mission of the firm is the advancement of employee rights and fair and equitable work environments for all employees no matter their race, gender, age, religion, or sexuality. We pursue this mission by empowering workers to hold unlawful employers accountable for their actions and advocating for the equitable treatment of employees both in and out of the courtroom.

Every time an employee fights against unlawful employment practices, they are making a difference in our communities, our state, and our country. By advocating for their rights, employers will begin to recognize their obligation to follow the law and be forced to take responsibility for their unfair employment practices. Livelihood Law is honored to stand with employees in this fight. With each case, our firm believes we are moving the needle forward toward better work environments for everyone.