Severance Agreements

Colorado Is An At-Will Employment State

Many states (such as Colorado) have “at-will employment” laws. That means the employer or employee both have the ability to terminate a work relationship without prior notice or reasoning. You can quit a job any time you desire, but you can also be removed from it at a moment’s notice. This opens up a lot of risks for both parties, and severance agreements can make parting with an employer a much less stressful event.

This is where severance agreements can be very helpful. These agreements help resolve conflicts through legal documents that indicate an amicable termination.

Severance Agreements Can Help You Get Severance Pay, Other Benefits

severance agreements

A lot of consideration must be made on the part of both sides of the deal when it comes to severance agreements.

This is especially true if you are the employee that will be exiting the position. If applicable, you will want to do your best to receive severance pay and other benefits that will help you in your upcoming period of unemployment. Unfortunately, many employers will do all they can in order to shortchange you. This is where the aid of a severance lawyer can really save your skin.

In most severance agreements, employers require that their employees waive any legal claims in order to receive the benefits or payments.

In nearly all cases, the terms of the agreement can not be disclosed. If you sign any waivers, you will be letting go of some very crucial rights. Knowing the proper way to proceed with a severance agreement can be difficult if you go it alone.

What Led To Your Termination?

Whether or not a proposed severance agreement makes sense requires taking a look at the circumstances that lead to your termination. If you have strong legal claims, the amount of money your employer is offering might not be enough.

Severance Agreements Lawyer Can Be Helpful

A severance agreements lawyer can help you navigate the process and help shine a light on the best path for you as you move towards a final agreement.

When it comes your time to collect severance, you owe it to yourself to let your employer know you won’t roll over and just accept anything they throw your way. With the help of a skilled severance package lawyer, you can achieve the following:

  • Full investigation over your case enlightening what claims you can make against your employers.
  • Evaluation of the severance policy, financial terms, and what you have rights to.
  • Behind-the-scenes negotiations on your behalf.
  • Analysis of all legal terms and a full breakdown of the risks you incur by accepting an offer.

Never sign a severance agreement without fully understanding the rights that being given up.

Unless you’ve already gathered prior experience in severance negotiations, it can be quite taxing trying to figure out when you’ve come to a solid agreement. With the help of a seasoned legal representative, you can be sure of the quality of the deal that comes your way. There’s little sense in making such an important decision alone.

Negotiating Severance Agreements

Employer are both agreeing to, and whether the terms are standard or if there is something unusual buried in the fine print. Negotiating separation agreements for better terms happens all the time.

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