Last night I volunteered with Colorado Plaintiff Employment Lawyers Association ( to answer employment law questions for Channel 9 News ( on Law Line 9.  It was great way to be a resource to the community.  The telephones rang for two hours straight while our panel of lawyers fielded questions and directed callers to organizations that could provide legal assistance.

Some recurring themes in the calls that I answered were:


Unpaid final paychecks,

Wrongful termination, and

Sexual harassment

Rachel Ellis, Employment Lawyer Denver

Rachel Ellis, Employment Lawyer Denver


These are all reasons to contact an employment attorney and the most important thing that I stressed last night is: don’t wait. Life is busy, looking for a new job is time consuming and dealing with the stress zaps your energy. However, you could lose your chance to pursue your claims if you wait too long. If you are worried about an employment situation, it is better to call an attorney now and find out your options than to wonder what could have happened if you had stood up for your rights.